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You can take the Hyline boat over to Hyannis, many great restaurants there. Also you can take the Hyline over to Nantucket as well.

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Replying to my original post, we are here now, the house is adorable and the location is off the beaten path, we are cooking in 4 out of the 7 nights, turns out I needed about 1/2 of the clothes I brought with me, who knew, well I will know for next year. Restaurants are expensive, and the large towns are 30 minutes away

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Re: Martha's Vineyard

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You can also take the ferries into Falmouth, they have great restaurants. The Island Queen is small and runs out of Falmouth. The Steamship Authority which has the big ferries,  leaves out of Woods Hole. 


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Beautiful part of the country but doesn't retain the same charm it used to imo.  And before I get any lectures, I've been going there for over 2 decades.