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she is very pretty...looks so good for her was nice to see her husband he seems very nice, too...the entire presentation was fun to watch...

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She is pretty and has apparently done a lot of work to regain and maintain her petite body.

My sister-in-law saw Donny and Marie in November. She was so excited when she received the tickets for her 60th birthday. She was disappointed in the show as she said most of it was pre-recorded and they were lip syncing.

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I was up later last night and caught her on Q with that exercise bar. She does look good and she is always so cheerful. (I was not a Donny and Marie fan back when, I used to argue with my cousin over them because she preferred them when we were kids, and I preferred David Cassidy! And now look at David Cassidy! Ugh! Hes a drunk!).

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