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@Desertdi wrote:

34°   In Phoenix this a.m. -- A little "crisp"  for us......


@Desertdi.  Did you get rain or snow yesterday?


It was 10° at my house about 5am today.  It may have gone down a bit more before dawn. There was also a wind chill factor going as it was breezy.

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Temp here is 7° right now. Will be heading to the ice rink in an hour or so. Always layer up when going skating. When I get to the rink I ditch at least 1 layer, sometimes 2, depending on the ice temp/number of skaters, and how hard I work my body each time I skate.


Many times the level of my work depends on the number skating, and how many are unpredictable, little kids. At times, they are looking Left and then turn Right, which calls for skillful maneuvers, or you will run into them.


I will say it isn't very windy, so that makes it feel much warmer.




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 I should not laugh at your misery but your post made me. 


45 degrees here with an expected high of 57 in Southern California.


I keep my house at a respectable 68 degrees.

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@Kachina624   Monday afternoon,  we had a "real" winter storm......40 mph winds, and rain, hail, and some snow reported at the airport.    I got only rain.    There's SNOW ON THE MOUNTAINS, THO !!!!!!!


Some  secondary roads still closed in North and Eastern AZ.   They got walloped....      di

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Re: Man, it's 18 degrees.

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 It  is 17 degrees.  It is too cold for me. It is suppose to be warmer by the end of the week.

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We don't have the extreme cold.  High today will upper 40's.  Then the 30's (lower)  Sunday they are calling lfor 4.5 inches of snow.  But Monday it'll all turn to rain.  LIke it usually does.  Then back in the 40's again.  Over all, it's been a mild winter.