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It's 8 degrees at 8:45 this morning. BUT, the sun is shining, which makes such a difference!

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34°   In Phoenix this a.m. -- A little "crisp"  for us......

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@Gorgf wrote:

I will trade you. -16 in N. Wisconsin. It has been decent prior to with my Artic Expedition jacket and able to walk.  High 12 degrees. Canadian products are great as they understand cold. And  International Falls, sporting -28 often known as the coldest in the US and sometimes colder than Alaska. My dogs are both curled up in a ball.


Warming to 30 on Saturday.  When I first moved here in the 70s. we used to have to start cars at work at lunch  break. Sometimes when -40 schools close as buses would not start.  I thought it was funny one year when some High School boys unplugged the School Buses during the Super Bowl but of course the Principals didnt think so. We still had school.

When we lived in N. Dakota, Whether Minot or Grand Forks, we had to plug our cars in at night.  Times there, also get colder than Alaska.  Doesn't that just blow your mind though???!! That's cold.

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North East Texas 47º now with high of 67º expected sunshine until Sat.

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-9° here in SW Colorado....a little chilly...DW

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@ID2 wrote:

11 degrees here, 9 degrees windchill. Still bundling up and going for my 3 mile morning walk. We usually just walk during the summer months but this year we are doing it year round. So invigorating! Woman Happy

I applaud you for that! 

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Re: Man, it's 18 degrees.

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About 35 here, going for 41 🤣


One thing I love here is the lack of a heavy freeze.  We just debate wrapping pipes, and go nope let's live on the edge one more year.


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It was 7° earlier this morning here in Littleton CO, now a warmup of 23°.

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Re: Man, it's 18 degrees.

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It was 22° when I got up at 9. Only suppose to get to 33° today. At least the sun came out today so it's not depressing.

I feel warmer if the sun is out.

DH left the door to the garage from inside the house open this morning when he went to work. I text asking him WTH is wrong with you leaving the garage door open this morning?

I told him is colder than hello outside.


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15 degrees & my heat is set at 55, it's 57 in here...I'm comfortable.