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I'm going to go stand in a hot shower, just to warm up.  It's 73 in here.  My coffee cup is stone cold.  What is going on?


What's your morning temp?

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It’s 11 degrees here at 6:22 am. 

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11 degrees here, 9 degrees windchill. Still bundling up and going for my 3 mile morning walk. We usually just walk during the summer months but this year we are doing it year round. So invigorating! Woman Happy

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Heat wave 30 degrees !!!

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I will trade you. -16 in N. Wisconsin. It has been decent prior to with my Artic Expedition jacket and able to walk.  High 12 degrees. Canadian products are great as they understand cold. And  International Falls, sporting -28 often known as the coldest in the US and sometimes colder than Alaska. My dogs are both curled up in a ball.


Warming to 30 on Saturday.  When I first moved here in the 70s. we used to have to start cars at work at lunch  break. Sometimes when -40 schools close as buses would not start.  I thought it was funny one year when some High School boys unplugged the School Buses during the Super Bowl but of course the Principals didnt think so. We still had school.

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Yesterday was 80 degrees, 42 this morning, expecting a high today of 65 with some rain.

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@qualitygal  22 degrees here in Western NY.5ba934d4cd46522114c3aa2e66f60043.jpg

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It's 3 here in Colorado Springs.

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It warmed up to 7 degrees here right now. I measured 17" of new snow in my driveway yesterday morning.


I keep my house at 68 degrees in the winter. I have a big baggy sweatshirt if I get cold, which doesn't happen very often.  When it's way below zero, I can add a throw if needed.


I keep my air conditioning at 78 in the summer. I love my ceiling fan and a floor fan.  If I've been working in the yard and it is very hot and humid, I might knock the air conditioning down a degree or two until I cool off but then it goes back to 78. 

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19 degrees this morning in southwestern Michigan. It's winter. It gets cold. I don't know why people seem so surprised when it happens. 

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