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Re: Mally commercial/ infomercial spot on QVC

IMHO, Mally acts and talks like she's a carefree no holds barred slapstick very young uneducated person.


I do believe she's a heart on your sleeve type in real life no matter how she decides to present herself.


Her in this particular role for the Q audience is a big mistake cause I do not wish to be like her on-stage self.  Thank you very much. Cat Wink

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Re: Mally commercial/ infomercial spot on QVC

Okay, I didn't know what you all were referring to. I had not seen the Mally promo. So, I checked it out. My first reaction was that it was no big deal, and I still feel that way (I'm 61). But, I can see where some would be offended by her promo, but it is the real Mally.


One thing businesses like is when their shows are talked about. The Q is getting us talking about it, whereas I didn't know anything about it before reading it here on this forum. At first I was all in, and looking forward to the upcoming show. But, after finding out who was hosting I just can't handle both, even though a do like Mally, in small doses. 

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Re: Mally commercial/ infomercial spot on QVC

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I didn't hear her comment...but it was crude and disrespectful to older women. She is a bit too hyper for me anyway. It seems when a product is marketed to older women, they need to actually need to know something about them....don't they ever use focus groups? Being over 55 doesn't mean you enjoy being insulted. 

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Re: Mally commercial/ infomercial spot on QVC

What others say says more about them than it does about me.  If QVC wants to step over the line from what is good taste, it says a lot about them.  




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Re: Mally commercial/ infomercial spot on QVC

Mally's always had that raunchy type of humor. I remember years ago during a show she got all excited--as she does--and said about the product being presented that "it will make you want to go poop!"  She's pretty over the top for sure.

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Re: Mally commercial/ infomercial spot on QVC

@JeanLouiseFinch wrote:

That's not the worst to come out of Mally's mouth.  Many years ago, she said something along the lines of "You'll be a M.I.L.F."  Not being up on the latest slang, I had to look it up.  Call me a prude, but I was shocked.  

M.I.L.F - my goal in life and I'd take it as a compliment LOL!  Seriously, we can all find something to be offended about. Do you want to drain your energy being offended? Not me. I'd rather laugh and move on. 

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Re: Mally commercial/ infomercial spot on QVC

I totally find the term “ MILF”, very offensive-
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Re: Mally commercial/ infomercial spot on QVC

I saw the video and was not offended at all (I'm 61).  


Have you ever seen the on-air presentation of the exercise equipment called the Leg Master exercise equipment here on QVC?  Nearly every female host, and the brand's vendor, that has presented that product has used the very real example of the Leg Master being great to work on muscles that help women firm up and prevent those types of little bladder leaks.  It strengthens the pelvic floor.  The leak sources given are laughing too hard, running, sneezing, etc.   


Did anyone have a problem with those very frequent presentations?  I think they sold out multiple times.


It's been reported that at least 50% of women over the age of 50 experience minor bladder leakage from time to time.  That percentage increases with age.  That could be anything from stress, to not keeping up with exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor.  


I think a lot of women around the 50 mark talk about these types of things more freely and comfortably.  Older women may still find it too invasive and hush-hush, and even find it offensive to suggest it even exists for them.


Mally is 51 (she proudly announced it on her social media), so she's including herself in that video.  


It wasn't a medical ad, it was a video to set the tone for the candid nature that the upcoming shows will be.  QVC got Mally to lead the way for a reason.  It's what they wanted, it's what they got.    

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Re: Mally commercial/ infomercial spot on QVC

@SeaMaiden  I totally appreciate what you are saying as I don't want "tmi" either.  


What I'm hoping w/this is that someone at home going through some uncomfortable health matter who doesn't/won't talk to anyone else about it, thinks they are the only one going through whatever it is, is embarrassed, becomes housebound because of it, etc. etc. That maybe this will help at least 1 person (hopefully more than 1) go okay, there is something I can do about it, I'm not alone, I don't have to avoid people.  

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Re: Mally commercial/ infomercial spot on QVC

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I watched the short video on the home page. I have never been a fan of Mally. She is just too over the top for me. I find her presentations annoying and loud. This is Mally; either you like her or you don't. What she said is obnoxious but that is her demeanor. I think she was trying to be funny but it didn't come across that way. 


QVC has changed its views and presentations. I rarely watch because they have lost their way . The network has gone the way of no return. You either go along or go away. It's your choice.