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Major Credit Card and Security Breach - Has this ever happened to you?

This is the 3rd time in about 5 years that my major credit card has called and told me about a 'security breach' at one of the businesses whereI recently used their credit card. They cancelled by credit card and are sending me a new one with a new number in less than 2 weeks. Of course, they couldn't tell me where this happened , only that I was one of hundreds. Luckily , I have a second card from another bank, but it scared me. It appears that I was not effected as all the charges made were correct, but it is unsettling. I had to call QVC and have them switch my easy pays over to my Q card which they did w/o problem. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Once I was at a gift shop and they couldn't process my charge due to another similar incident- very embarassing. The only reason I keep this card is that they have an excellent cash back program. Was just wondering if this is a fairly common occurance. It is not even necessarily an on line incident- could have been at the gas sation...thanks in advance, Susic.