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I have a QVC package that's been sitting at the post office for days. QVC may guarantee delivery by Christmas but when it gets to the post office who knows !!!!!!!!

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I have a pkg from Zulily that's been sitting at the post office here in Tucson since 12-16 @ 8:37am.  The estimated delivery date was 12-16, so not sure when it will finally be loaded on a postal delivery vehicle to get delivered.

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I have an order from Kohl's that was shipped out on November 20 and I still haven't received it. It was tracked on November 24 in Rhode Island and then ..... nothing. I finally got a tracking email that said my package is now in a town 50 miles away - hopefully I'll get it in a week.


An order from Etsy took 26 days to arrive from California to Pennsylvania.


I have two orders from QVC that have been sitting in my local PO for 8 days. 


I don't want to slam the PO, most of the time they do a very good job. This year has just been a perfect storm - the pandemic and an unprecedented amount of packages that they received. I read that both UPS and FedEx hired thousands of workers for the holiday season. The PO can't do that. 

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I've posted this before, but I mailed a package to my friend, next town over, 10 miles to her house.

I mailed it on 12/10, LAST Thursday. As of yesterday, 12/18, it's still sitting in the Atlanta distributi9n center.  All it says is "arriving late". Yep, I'd already figured that out.


But I ordered something from Etsy just a few days ago and told the vendor no rush, take your time.  It arived from PA yesterday, in just 2 days. 

I'm also waiting for another Etsy package that just shows delayed.  It's a last minute gift for my sister.  I'm sweating that one a little but it's not the end of the world if it doesn't get here in time.  

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@Mz iMac wrote:

                   You get your bills on time right?



The only paper bill I get is also online.  I asked why they send the bill out as when I get the bill it is already paid.  They said it is the way the their billling system is set up. I think they need a better system as I think is a waste of money and time.


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@bonnielu wrote:

USPS delays... backed up for weeks.  Distribution center 65 miles away and apparently had a 3 week backup.  Horrible.  Simple letters and packages might not make it until 2021... 


Anyone else.  I live in Western Md.  

That's were my two (not just one) packages are.  Missing in action since  (delivery dates) 12/1120 and 12/12/20 responsively.  My black cashmere sweater (for my sister) and a silver bracelet (from JTV) are on board.


In the meanwhile (yesterday) QVC started shipping out packages from their jewelry event.  Three of mine got shipped out.  Most probably NOT USPS.  Hope not anyway'

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It took 22 days for a package to arrive from California to me in the midwest.  


It's the way it'll be for a while.  With the huge increase in online shopping due to covid and UPS/FedEx prioritizing covid vaccine deliveries, everything will be slow for a while.  


And remember, many retailers, including Q, send packages by parcel post instead of 1st class or priority mail.  Parcel post is the lowest priority mail so is the last to be processed by USPS.


I say we need to give all the carriers a break.  They are working their tails off and deserve it.

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My mail carrier told me she's working 7 days a week during Christmas and still can't keep up. I see delivery trucks all day long in my neighborhood for Amazon Prime, Ryder trucks (guessing they're contractors for some sort of mail delivery), FedEx. Rarely have I seen a UPS truck this past month, maybe they've contracted out to someone else. I think a lot of the problems may be in the big distribution centers. I ordered a Christmas item from QVC on Dec 3rd and can't find out information about delivery. Maybe I'll use it next Christmas! I ordered some books from Amazon a week ago and got them within the week, USPS delivery; wasn't in any hurry for them, they were to be part of my new year reading. I think it's a toss-up whether we get our deliveries this year. I ordered something from a company in TX that was not meant to be a Christmas present and I really don't mind when it arrives; they sent the package via FedEx and each day for a week now I've gotten emails saying delivery date has changed.

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@aubnwa01 wrote:

I have a pkg from Zulily that's been sitting at the post office here in Tucson since 12-16 @ 8:37am.  The estimated delivery date was 12-16, so not sure when it will finally be loaded on a postal delivery vehicle to get delivered.

@aubnwa01  They sent me an e-mail saying they won't be able to deliver several things I ordered even though it was supposed to be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas. Good luck!

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I had an Amazon package delivered by the post office this morning at 6:50AM!