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Re: Mail delays

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@Vivian wrote:

My grandson and his wife live in Baltimore. It takes two weeks for them to get anything I send them. I live in Upstate NY. I can understand why Fed Ex and UPS are in charge of delivering Covid vaccines.

One reason is the Hyattsville distribution center.  It was one of the worst hit of clog ups in  the USPS system.  It is so jammed that packages can only be moved one at a time.   We haven't had mail in the past 3 days.


In our neck of the woods, my husband went  to the post office to mail 2 bills at 6:00AM.  The box was so overcrowded, it had spilled on the street around the box.  Another gentleman helped my husband pick up the letters and tried to get them in the box.


Per the COVID vaccines.  Their next group will be people over 75, starting first with those that are in hospitals.  I read where the goal is to have people come in their local drug store to get the vaccine late in 2021.