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We haven't experienced any problems other than an occasional day or two delay.

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Re: Mail delays

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@Mz iMac wrote:

                   You get your bills on time right?



@Mz iMac 

No. I’m going to have to call & make other arrangements for payment, because 2 bills due soon haven’t arrived yet. Even if they came today, I doubt seriously they would arrive at either company & be posted on time to my account, especially this time of year. 


The last time this happened CS told me I should pay online or hand deliver payment to local store. IMO it’s not my fault the USPS is slow and can’t deliver a payment in 2 weeks. Very stressful. Thinking about only using my local bank credit card in the future because I never have issues with it arriving & posting to my account in a timely manner.  I hate to lose the discounts associated with individual store credit cards, but I’m not sure it’s worth the aggravation. 




I can definitely relate. Kohl’s shipped my package 2 days after ordering, but it took the USPS more than 3 weeks after that to get it to me. 

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I even had an issue with Amazon. Item ordered 12/7. Shipped out 12/10. Between 12/10 and tracking info whatsoever and was sent via a third party carrier. Checked this morning and item was out for delivery and I have since received it. No biggie as it isn't a gift or urgently needed item but I believe this is the first issue I have had with them. Nothing I order (especially in these times) is urgent so I can deal with delays.


The one problem I have is my boss sends me some work via packages in the mail (they are very strict about people going in the office in person). Several times she has asked me if I received them as she mailed them days prior and I had not. Took several more days for them to arrive. One of them arrived looking like it had been through the ringer. Our mail delivery is mostly okay otherwise not sure what the issue is with these.

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We haven't had many issues with our mail, perhaps arriving one day later than usual.   Considering the snow storm and all other issues I can't complain.  

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I mailed Christmas checks to my children on Monday.  They got them Friday.  Same state, but about three hours from my city.

Had a package delivered by the PO today from wasn't due to arrive til December 26....but it came today (19th).



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@colliemom4 wrote:

@aubnwa01 wrote:

I have a pkg from Zulily that's been sitting at the post office here in Tucson since 12-16 @ 8:37am.  The estimated delivery date was 12-16, so not sure when it will finally be loaded on a postal delivery vehicle to get delivered.

@aubnwa01  They sent me an e-mail saying they won't be able to deliver several things I ordered even though it was supposed to be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas. Good luck!

I haven't gotten any email saying that they won't be able to deliver it before Christmas, it just sits there with a delivery date of 12-16.  Hopefully, they'll notice it at the bottom of the pile when they get to it & throw it on a delivery truck!

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I ordered from Amazon and after it was shipped they said it would be delivered by usps. It took one month to get it from Oklahoma City to Ft Worth. It took ten days for a Christmas card to arrive from ten miles away. Ridiculous. I no longer have sympathy for the plight of usps. Our mail service has been horrible for years.

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When I realized two paper statements for December had not arrived yet, I submitted payments online.  There is a shipped order that had an expected delivery date of Dec 9.  It has not yet arrived and the tracking number has been useless for information.


That said, I am quite regularly receiving bulk mail from sources such as Spectrum, My Pillow, Anthem Insurance (for both my deceased husband and the previous owner who moved 9 years ago), hearing centers, store fliers, etc.  

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I just asked for a refund for an item that usps said was lost and would never arrive. It was delivered this morning.
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I was trying to track a pkg coming via usps and all it did was show me the pkg was sitting in the distribution facility 30 miles away for ten days. I could have driven over and picked it up, but they told me it was lost.