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Re: Made my once every month and a half shopping trip.

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I went to Costco, the dollar store.... and Big lots.  I left early so no crowds. Had my list and got out pretty fast. 


Costco was great. Everyone had masks on and were wearing them correctly. Love Costco ❤️


  At the dollar store, I got there  right when they it was pretty empty...maybe four customers.   Just my luck there  was one customer walking around WITH NO MASK ON.  She received some real dirty looks.....but no one said anything....


At Big Lots, the store was empty pretty much except for me and the employees....was surprising that the four employees who were working all had their  maskes BELOW their noses.....  I did not comment as I just was not in the mood for a upsetting day. But I  emailed corporate and told them how upset I was about it. 

Now I will self quarantine for a week or two.....





So why didn't YOU say something?   


I've done it twice in stores ... "Hey!  Where's your mask?"    and both times managers suddenly appeared and dealt with the person.  Either managers or security personnel should step in, but if you have to bring it to their attention, so be it.  Complaining because "nobody said anything"  is ridiculous ... YOU  should have said something.


And I have no idea why you think you need to self-quarantine.   You had your mask on, right?  


Mask   Mask   Mask

@Tinkrbl44  my Wearing the mask correctly protects others from my not spreading the virus if I had it. The mask for all intentions does not protect me from getting the that is why it takes EVERYONE to wear a mask....we protect one another from each other.  

do you realize how far down the rabbit hole people have gone over this thing? I go out daily, wear a mask in stores because its mandated, walk in the park daily, try to live a 
normal life, Meanwhile my brother who is a clinical psychologist tells me he is busier than ever because so many people are not only depressed but suicidal, even school age kids because of all this. All that people worry about is getting the "virus" and dying, taking away social acitivites, school functions, work from home shop from home, attend church services via zoom. This is not a healthy lifestyle. So you're not dead? Isolation is worse than death, 

Your statement about the mask wearing that you protect others but it does not protect you? Where did that come from? So logically if half your face is covered, you can't sneeze, cough, or breathe on anyone as the particles won't get past the mask, yet if someone coughs on you, their particles can get through the mask from the other side and infect you. That doesn't even make sense, I'm sick of the whole thing and so are my nurse friends who work in healthcare and have to wear heavy medical masks 12 hours a day, They can't stand it anymore. 

@PinkSunset, a very vast exaggeration of the simple precautions that we should be taking. Very few people are in isolation. Those that might be are probably at a very high risk.


The rest of us are like you: We do the essentials and follow the advice from health officials.

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Re: Made my once every month and a half shopping trip.

9/252020  Friday UPDATE.


I went  back to biglots today only because I received a 20% off coupon from Biglots   in my email that had a short expiration date so I needed to use it.....stocked up on the things I always buy....


Good news! Everyone working on the floor had their face masks OVER their noses👏.  Perhaps it was due to my call to Corporate.  Just glad that they were wearing them properly.