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@Patriot3 wrote:

I never heard of Molly Yeh until I saw her hosting the Spring Baking Championship.  Don't care for her.  Too much drama and high pitched voice.  So phony.

@Patriot3  That's just the tone of the show. All those type of shows are like that. Guess you've never seen them. They always use chefs that have normal cooking tv shows in these competitions things. Thought everyone knew this. These shows seem to be popular. I don't like them either. I just like watching a chef cook.

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I agree with @Patriot3 


but not so much with @proudlyfromNJ 



I do not find all previous hosts of the Baking Championship shows to be like Molly at all.  And I have seen every season and every variety.


They gave Jesse dumb jokes & puns, but he didn't giggle like an immature school girl.

Ali and Clinton didn't act like her either.


I never heard of her before she hosted this season of the Spring Show.  I find her too childish in manner.


I FF anytime she talks but I still enjoy the show.

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we watch the Baking championship shows every time...much prefer Jessie or Clinton!!!

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I don't find any of her food anything I would make, but I do watch her show while I am at the computer along with the other morning cooking shows.

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The first year we have quit the Spring Baking Champinonship..never heard of her before, Sad we love the show, but can't do it this year..

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I don't watch the Spring Baking Championship but I do, sometimes, watch her Girl Meets Farm.  I like her sweet, upbeat personality but after awhile, a little goes a long way (for me anyway).  I don't think she's ever made anything I would be tempted to make and most of her desserts are childish, IMHO.  I've said before on other threads about her that I like a Rice Krispie treat w/ sprinkles but I don't care to watch a televised cooking show where those are made. 

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I, too was surprised and turned off by her foul language in her cookbook. I emailed her and told her so. Good thing I didn't buy it--it was a library book. Too bad, because I like her on her cooking show.

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@new nickname 4 wrote:

She has a reputation for foul mouth language, which does not appeal to me.  In reviews of her cookbook "Molly on the Range" readers state:

"Wow...shocked after opening this cookbook and started reading it...scattered with vulgar language throughout! Not mildly offensive...but "mother______" and "F___", and much more. She looks/acts innocent enough on her cooking show... so I was unprepared for this in her first cookbook ever. Not sure why the publisher allowed this to go through. Shame on them for publishing it this way...NOT necessary!!!"


"I bought this Cookbook for a Christmas gift. Upon receiving the Reader finds the Author using God's name in vain on page 145 and on page 19 discussing farting while kissing her boyfriend now husband. Seriously? Really? Why does the Author feel a need to use God's name in vain and discuss her passing gas in a Cookbook? Does the Author really believe the reader wants to hear this in a Cookbook? Maybe there are reader's out there clamoring for this content in a Cookbook but I have not met them yet. Very disappointing."


"I was surprised and disappointed by her language. I found it offensive and crass.
I returned the book."


I think like all people on TV or the screen, they are not who they seem in real life.  


I don't find much in her recipes that I would cook.  Just my opinion.

I doubt she cares and well she shouldn't. And I also highly doubt that the use of "profane" language (clutch the pearls here) is indicative of whether or not she is or is not a good person (and I would venture to guess she is). Anyway, I'm sure she's happily dancing and laughing all the way to the bank. Good for her.

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I must say she sure fooled me.  I am surprised by this.  I have watched her show from day 1 and I enjoyed them.  She and hubby and her dad are very musically talented.  Love her country kitchen.  For me I find her recipes to complicated and not to our taste.


I also find it odd that a publishing company would ok the foul language in a cookbook.

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Foul language in a cookbook?? How tacky and so unnecessary!  I don't cook, but I would never purchase as a gift for someone.