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If one of your local tv stations had a consumer advocate, contact them (and let Macy's know you contacted a tv station).  Big companies will sometimes go an extra mile to avoid adverse publicity.

@patbz I live in NYC, we have 7 On Your Side with Nina Pineda. She really gets things done!

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I live near Silicon Valley in California.  We have a 7 on your side, too,  they get things done!  Years ago I went dept to dept with jenn air trying to get an issue with my new Jenn-Air solved.  I spent weeks, and a few hours total on phone.  We had  6 guys come out, not one could resolve issue.   Finally in desperation I called 7 on your side. I had forgotten about them, until a friend recommended.  They contacted me.  The day after they sent complaint to Jenn Air, one of the CEOs contacted me.  Personally, I dont think she knew what to do, but she called out of fear.. was my guess.  After a month of her trying to find someone to install oven properly, she gave a partial refund.


i think companies live in fear of Consumer advocate groups, and they hup-two, 

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Since the pandemic there has been no Customer Service anywhere, except Target.

Macy's is my go to store and they have disappointed during this time.

CS jobs can be done at home.



My Bank is still giving EXCELLENT service!  After spending 3 1/2 hours on the phone with AT&T, I felt like calling my bank and thanking them once again for their excellent service even during the pandemic!



Sorry if my post was not clear,  basically was referring to retail stores or companies like Cuisinart or Ninja with defective parts.  Had to return at Kohls ... they were excellent but that was in person. My generalization was large but the pandamic has left consumers in a flux.