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That's great news especially since I just bought a few containers of Lysol wipes.  I hope those are one of the two products. 🤞


@wildcat fan 


Are you on the East Coast?   They have been completely out of stock here everywhere!   Hope to see them soon.

@Tinkrbl44 Our Walmart here in South Carolina has been selling the Lysol wipes for the past month or so.  If they are out, I notice they've restocked by the next time I shop.  I go to Walmart every 7 to 10 days--about 30 minutes before they close in the evenings.  I find there aren't many shoppers at that time, and that's when they have employees stocking the shelves.


These Lysol wipes come in 3 packs (80 wipes each) for about $7 or $8.  I meant to put some in the car when I traveled to see my parents, but forgot.  There was a Walmart in Tennessee when we stopped to get gas, so I quickly ran in to see if they had some and they did.  I hope they come to your area soon.  🤞

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Nice to know. I haven't seen Lysol on the shelves for months....

Or wipes.  

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Re: Lysol Disinfectant

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Hexol had/has a lingering odor.............recall the odor when I was a child.


Years later, I added a few drops when washing a foam egg carton type of mattress topper..........the odor never did dissipate.


I recently ran across that bottle of Hexol in garage metal cabinet.


EDITED to say/guess that first dilluting only a few drops in a half gallon or gallon of water might not have a strong odor.   Could be that I used too much when washing that foam mattress topper.

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Oh, wait!!...............I just went over and Web searched Hexol........also natural disinfectants............Guess what!  I ran across Borax.


Borax is listed as a natural disinfectant.


I have two boxes of Borax, and I don't detect any strong odor whatsoever.


I sometimes add a bit into my laundry, as a towel freshener.


Just wondering if we add a bit of Borax into a quart or half gallon of water, would it be a good disinfectant?  


Just wondering............



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That is great but I haven't been able to get any online or pick up or in store anywhere! Anyone else?

When I see the adds on tv for Lysol,

I just think whats the point? You can't get any!

A customer service person told me they hold things out for medical first responders, uless you can find it in stores at just the right time or something like that?!

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Lysol spray not visible here in Midwest since February.  Wipes by Lysol or Clorox very  scarcely seen.  Saw some Wal-Mart brand two weeks ago but they were gone  in short order.  I make intentional stop for wipes but no luck.  Two days ago I saw shelves empty at Wal-Mart then I saw woman with triple pack!  I almost followed her to ask where she got - yikes I am desperate.  I asked employees but they said none available. 

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I would never spray Lysol or anything else on my face other than water. Using a wipe meant for a kitchen counter or bathroom is not something I want to use on my skin. Most drs say soap and water on your skin is best.
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I always have Clorox around, am running low on Clorox wipes but have used regular bleach in bathrooms. Cheap and in stock most places now.
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I haven't been able to find Lysol spray or the wipes since all this began!  I guess people are very quick on the trigger and must be there the moment the products are put on the shelves!!! 

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I already had full spray bottles of Lysol in the cabinet under the kitchen sink and both bathrooms. I learned that from my mother. I always have a jug or two of Clorox to dilute for various uses. It seems to be back in stock in most stores now.