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Re: Lots of rain is on its way in Southern California

@Another new name Sue wrote:

Funny, Shoekitty, about the cats.  I can sure imagine they wanted to thank you for that nice, soft sand.


Started about 8 a.m. Tuesday.  I tried to get the pup out for a run before it started, but we were too slow.  Isn't raining hard yet.  Lovely, blessed, wet, rain. 


I don't think we need sandbags but was going to get 2-3 in case water tries to go in the garage, which has never happened in 40 years.  I lost interest when they said you have to load your own.  I could do it but not at all sure we need them.  For future reference, if you do load your own, do they have a closure? Or are they just open so sand falls out?

In case you don't have access to sandbags, some cat litters do just as good a job.