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We are without cell phone service. Wondering how many others? It looks like a big outage across more than one provider. I’m in the south.
So how’s your cell phone service?🤷‍♀️
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CNN — 

AT&T’s network went down for many of its customers across the United States Thursday morning, leaving customers unable to place calls, text or access the internet. Verizon and T-Mobile customers reported some network outages, too, but they appeared less widespread.

More than 44,000 AT&T customers reported outages on digital-service tracking site DownDetector. That’s not a comprehensive number: It tracks only self-reported outages. Although outage reports fell a bit in the 5 am ET hour, they bounced back in the 7 am ET hour and continue to surge.

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Re: Lost cell service?

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I have Verizon and I'm in Arizona. No problems.


The most reported AT&T outage locations according to include:

  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • Louisville
  • Miami
  • San Antonio
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I'm in DC metro area and I have Verizon -- no problems.

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I'm in eastern Pa. with T-Mobile and no issues.

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No cell service, AT&T, in Arkansas Woman Frustrated

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I'm in Atlanta, with AT&T, and we are one of the cities listed.


I'm showing service om my cell phone right now, but I am using my WIFI right now.  I haven't ventured out into the world yet this morning.

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Does anyone know the cause of the outage?

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No problems with my tracfone. I guess it doesn't pay to rely on smart phones for everything.  If a person used their phone to open cars or lock doors, they are out of luck. Technology is good, but if it fails, everyone is helpless. 



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Our morning news here (Pittsburgh) reported this outage.

They showed a screen shot of someone's phone (ATT) with a notification of this. They also said other networks might be affected. Mine (Verizon) seems to be ok.

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