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So sorry @CalmInTheHeart.

You sound like a good neighbor & good friend.❤️

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sorry to here of your friends passing and im sending preyers your way. and it is amazing how dogs and cats know just wats going on. my wifes brother past away from cancer at home and right when he past his 2 pit bull dogs went nuts barking and crying.

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Re: Lost a friend

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@CalmInTheHeart It is natural for you to feel really sad.  Even though we know this is a natural evolutionary process, it is challenging for those that are witnessing the transition.  You were there for your friend when she needed you the most.   It is not easy for us who are left here to continue our journeys on earth without our friends, precious pets, and beloved family members. My heart is with you and your good friend throughout this challenging time. I am sorry for your loss.