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I saw Lisa Robertson was hawking the Lori Grenier junk on her infomercial.....Lisa will sell ANTYTHING and it is all CRA* no one needs or wants. She mentioned Lori's name....

@SeaMaiden  She's just the spokesperson. It's not her junk.

@proudlyfromNJ @Yes, she is just hawking Lori's junk. Wonder why she sells such junk?

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I heard her say on Shark Tank that "the qvc returns will kill you, you have to eat them".

maybe she chose to leave.  


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@mdgrammy     I often wondered how returns worked and whether the seller has to eat them.   I didn't buy much from LG except her crystal initial boxes.   I gave them as gifts one year to the girls in the family and one for myself and they were a big hit.   And she brought the Scrub Daddy/Mommy guy to Q which sponges I do love