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Who lives in an area, where there are local, or at least regional "Quirks or practices", that you don't think are common, in other parts, of the country? 

I live in Washington State, and, I nominate, dipping French fries in tartar sauce 😃


If this isn't the norm, where you live, it should  be! Try it! 

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Dipping french fries into a thick chocolate milk shake is much better.

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It's not the norm where I live, but I love fries dipped in mustard!

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no one mention dipping pizza into are going to get a lot of flak! LOL Smiley LOL


vive la difference!



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When I ordered pomme frites (french fries) in Germany I would get mayo instead of ketchup as a condiment.

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I am in Florida and so many people dip their french fries in Ranch Dressing.  I don't but a lot of people do.  

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I don't know if it's regional but I like to dip my fries into either mayo or ranch.

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Mustard on a hamburger is just not done in my area (NY/NJ).  Even fast food restaurants don't put it on burgers here.


However, in my travels I have found it to be standard in some fast food restaurants in other areas of the country.  I like mustard but not on a burger.  I guess this is a local quirk.

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Some dip pretzels in mustard.  Not sure about now, but at one time it was difficult finding pretzels in other parts of the country.


Some pour vinegar on their French fries.  


Another odd one, I think are ketchup sandwiches.  Nothing else.  Lettuce and mayonnaise sandwiches.


Shoo Fly pie.


Very big where I live:  Lebanon Bologna, Philadelphia Cheesesteaks, pierogies, scrapple, chicken pot pie, teaberry ice cream, dandelion greens with bacon dressing, pickled red beet eggs, funnel cake.  There are a lot more.  Mostly of German origin.  

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I learned about sprinkling vinegar on French fries in Buffalo NY.    The restaurants even had bottles of vinegar on the tables.