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I live with a man that has to feed his need for gossip. It is to the point that family members cut conversations short or give evasive answers. I've learned not to tell him too much for fear, he will ramble on with anyone willing to listen. Some have been known to pass along the information. We live in a small town where many people know each other. Just the other day I said, "people are starting to avoid you like the plague". Last night, he was talking to his sister and she said, "I have to go, my sinues are acting up". Even with him holding the phone, I could hear exaggerated couging in the background. They couldn't had been on the phone for more than 7-8 minutes. Talk about someone in total denial. {#emotions_dlg.ohmy}

I know I'm not alone. Thank goodness for Monday Mornings{#emotions_dlg.laugh}!