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Re: Living Your Life on Social Media

Just to be clear...There is absolutely nothing wrong with posters spending an abundance of time on social media platforms. It simply doesn't matter the reason--lonely, depressed, bored, whatever.


But I do and always will take issue with posters who overshare a life that is so far from the truth it is glaringly obvious (or should be). This behavior contributes to the decay of our society.


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Re: Living Your Life on Social Media

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@bobby5 wrote:
I think people who post a good portion of their lives on social media are insecure attention seekers. I'll give you an example. Some people go through an illness privately, while others pretty much post the whole thing on social media. I know everyone handles things differently but, to me, it seems like those that put everything out there are looking for adulation. What say you?

@bobby5  I think your post is ignorant.


People who post about their illnesses have to put up with a lot of grief.  I'm glad there are YouTube channels I can watch and feel understood.  The people who make the videos are far braver than I.  I would not want to have to deal with all the hateful trolls they have to deal with.


Thank God for these women I follow.  I am so glad there are places I can go where I can chat with others who have similar illness and don't have to put up with attitudes like yours.

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