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Did anyone else have a problem trying to watch Mally"s after show live stream tonight?

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Yes! I joined few minutes before the show start time and almost near the show start it kicked me out. Now Live stream is stuck in a loop of first 5 minutes Smiley Sad 

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Yes, a bunch of us were seemed about to begin, but was running late. It's now a recording of those 5 mins plus and no way to join as it seems a Technical problem and it's not BACK on.

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I'm not sure what's going on.  I was on FB a few minutes ago on We #loveQVC, wrote a post, now it's not even showing that group as one I'm part of?  Technical glitches seem to be common for QVC recently.

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It worked for me, and I thought those two were hilarious. Wish they could have been on longer. 

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Maybe they decided not to do the after show after that train wreck of a 50 & Fabulous show. Mally went a little overboard with her comments about that Denim & Co. swimsuit.
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I really enjoyed it. Caught the last 20 minutes or so. I think people were mentioning that you could find the whole thing on YouTube. 

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