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@Squirt60 wrote:

Hello Everyone, last week I posted a comment because I went to an urgent care for a kidney stone and after doing a CT scan they found a mass on my liver so they wanted me to have an MRI. In my post I asked if anyone knew anything about liver masses and I received many offers for good results and prayers. I just wanted to update everyone and let you know I had the MRI yesterday and it came back fine. No cancer.

Thank you all for your prayers I really appreciate it.


@antjuju Thanks so much for letting us know your good news!!!  So happy for you!!!  cheerleaders.gifcheerleaders.gif cheerleaders.gif


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          Thanks for sharing your good news, @Squirt60!   How joyous to know everything is okay.   And so thoughtful of you to post an update.Heart


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Years ago, I went to Urgent Care twice for minor issues. Twice, they were useless - I don't trust them. Obviously, it didn't work out for u either.

So happy that u don't have cancer. These diagnoses are very stressful to handle - until the "real" results come back. This site is so helpful as there are so many great women on here offering advice or experiences..

Prayers to You!!!!

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Good news!