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Just wanted to give a compliment to Linda Davies.  I know she's not technically a host, but as regulars on QVC go, she is  by far the best dressed of them all.  No leggings, no layers, no goofy looks. Just classic, elegant looks at all times. And great hair!!


Thanks, Linda for reminding us what a classy lady should look lilke. It's nice to see once in a while.

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I agree!  She's very classy...I also like her hair style.  Mine is a bit longer. I'm going for a cut in a few days and will try for a similar look.

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Re: Linda Davies

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I used to enjoy watching Linda and Mary Beth weekly on the LCNY shows. I'm glad she at least got to be a rep for Northern Nights when LCNY folded on the Q but only wish she were on more often. 

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I agree with everyone here.  When I saw her presenting this morning, I realized that we rarely see her, but both she and her presentations are always professional.  I think that she is a class act and would like to see her more often selling other QVC-owned items.  She needs to teach classes to hosts and vendors on appropriate attire and presentation, just my opinion.

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I agree....and I would add Amy Scaglione, I enjoy them both as vendor reps.

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I wear leggings. I wear layers.

If that doesn't match your definition of classy, oh well.


I do have great hair though. Woman LOL

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Yes, she's very easy to watch, very infomative about the products she represents.
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I also enjoyed watching Linda Davies with Mary Beth.  They were professional and informative.


There was just enough banter between them to not be boring but at the same time their descriptions were always spot on.

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I like Linda - she's very professional and reserved. BUT -- aren't the people who wear leggings, layers, have goofy looks - and weird hair ---- MORE FUN TO WATCH? I think so!!!!!

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I agree that she always looks so professional and like she just stepped out of the salon. Beautiful presentation always.


But....I don't really care if the hosts look more casual, especially if they are selling kitchen items or home decor etc. 


I think fine jewelry shows or high end shows like when they used to sell Waterford might call for better dressed hosts, but I'm less interested in what they are wearing and more interested in them giving me a quality product, accurate information and good ideas for their products.


And NN really isn't that great of quality like it was back in the day. Her professional dress doesn't make up for the quality of the products I have received from NN the last few times I purchased.