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Some of us have read this poem before. I certainly have.

Yet, today as I dug out a cross-stitch project that I put away 15 years ago because that project was the kind that comes with pre-printed Aida cloth that has the borders of the shapes already printed on it.. with some of the shapes in the pattern already colored on the Aida cloth.. so you are to fill in only the blank areas with the correct color of threads -- in other words, it's NOT a "counted cross-stitch." Instead, this kind of cross-stitch is callled "stamped cross stitch."

I did not put it away because it was a "stamped cross-stitch" project so much as it had become more of a hassle than fun. After I had gotten half-way through that project, I taught myself counted cross-stitch. And so, the "stamped cross-stitch" type of cross stitch project is no longer my preferred method to cross stitch.

I had started that particular stamped cross-stitch product when I was new to cross-stitching and just the IDEA of my having to count the stitches as I stitched along on blank Aida cloth pretty much.. well.. scared me a bit but just to the point that if I could just fill in the blank areas between the pre-printed borders of the shapes then it'd be easier, somehow, to do cross-stitching. However, only about halfway through the project I found that I was more frustrated BECAUSE the pre-printed lines that showed the wavy or curved borders of different areas of the picture now caused me to HAVE to decide at the edge of the pre-printed lines that "crossed over" (NO pun intended) on the cloth for WHICH of the two possible colors of that part of the picture's shape to use for THAT particular square of Aida cloth. Eeek! So.. I put that project away.

I didn't want to be forced to decide WHICH color, I guess, since the whole point of stamped cross-stitch is that you do NOT have to decide which of the 2 colors to make that square which was already bisected with the pre-printed line for the wavy edge of that part of the picture.

Either that -- or maybe AS WELL as that reason -- now, if I made the mistake of choosing the WRONG color to put in that square -- even though, probably, EITHER of the 2 possible colors to complete that part of the shape would be "just fine," -- still -- once it's stitched, it's a bear to pull out and re-stitch the "correct" color in THAT square.

So, knowing that I certainly was NOT stitching so that I'd be stressed out (more), I put that particular project away. And started new projects that were NOT "stamped cross-stitch." Instead, I'm now doing "counted" cross stitch where the stitcher counts each of the stitches that they do, instead of filling in blanks on a pre-printed "stamped" cross-stitch piece of Aida cloth.

Now, it's been about 15 years since I last picked up that stamped cross-stitch project. No kidding!! It's still in the plastic bag that I'd stored it to protect it from dust any any damage. I'm ready to finish it up. I'm ready to once again get working on it.

Today, I received an e-mail that just so happens to have this poem in it. So, I read this poem again.

A lot of life events have occurred in the last 15 months since I last put my needle and thread to that pre-printed, stamped cross-stitch project.

This poem -- it still helps. What do you think if this poem?



My life is but a weaving between my God and me;

I may not choose the colors, He knows what they should be

For He can view the pattern upon the upper side, while I

can see it only on this, the under side.

Sometimes He weaveth sorrow, which seemeth strange to me;

But I will trust His judgement, and work on faithfully;

Tis He who fills the shuttle, He knows just what is best;

so I shall weave in earnest and leave Him with the rest.

At last, when life is ended, with Him I shall abide,

then I may view the pattern upon the upper side,

then I shall know the reason why pain with joy entwined

was woven in the fabric of life that God designed.