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Hope their new baby doesn't develop

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What a beautiful baby! Hope he grows to be healthy and happy chilld.

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@DoneTryin  That's funny - I thought the same thing.  I had no idea these two were connected.  She never looked like she was getting ready to have a baby.


Wonder what he thinks of her always being the 'breesies girl'.


There child will be a looker for sure - Stacy & Liam have great genes.  Congrats to the very happy parents.


And who cares that they're not married.  In this day and age most couples who reside under the same roof and recognize and refer to each other as husband and wife last YEARS longer - forever even, that those who actually tied the knot.

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PinkDogwood, she isn't the same one who does Breezies - that is Jenna. Staci Ann always did the Mally demos and some of Tarte.

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Re: Liam's new baby boy

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@Moonchilde wrote:

Liam is the Vionic vendor; Staci is one of the QVC models

Oh, well congrats to both of them.  

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Here is her picture, but I know it isn't what you were hoping for... I may send her a "tweet"... but she may be a little too busy to post one yet!

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So cute!  I love his litle nose and little mouth.

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That really was a Magic marker!

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She will be super busy, she has two young children as well...