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I would leave whatever toilet paper and towling were on the rolls. After all, while moving in, someone might have a need to use the facilities.

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Re: Leave the toliet paper?

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There is no right answer to this question, but I would take everything since the new owner will probably throw them both away. If she thinks it's courteous to leave them, that's fine.

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People can be weird about things. 


I think it would be very kind to leave a roll of each for the new people, as they might have their packed and not easily accessible. It could be such a nice little gesture.


But then people can be very....let's just say....cautious, and not want to use them. 


I guess if it was me moving out, I'd leave them, just in case the next people really needed them, and hope they didn't waste them by just tossing.

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I was not aware that "the realtor's job" is to leave a bottle of champagne.


If  I represented the sellers in the transaction, hell might freeze over  before I leave a gift  in the house for the buyers, unless they had been real gems during the entire buying process.


My client in a transaction gets the thank-you gift--usually a $100-$150 gift certificate to a nice restaurant in their new location.


With current inflation, however, the value of this certificate might need to be higher.  LOL  !!.




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When I purchased my new condo, the previous owners had left a pack of toilet tissue in the bathroom, and also attached to the pull cord on the ceiling fan in the dining room, was a ceramic angel.