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We sold our home and bought another home out of state, I left the toilet paper. Also apreciated that the house we bought they left some TP too . 

What I didn't apreaciate with the house we bought was they left the toilet bowl scrubber and small trash can by the toilet in 2 of the bathrooms. And stuff in the attic and in the top of laundry room cupboards also on top of kitchen cabinets (that were laying down)




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I agree with your daughter.  Take the paper!

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I don't see anything wrong with leaving a roll of toilet paper and paper towels, along with a bottle of liquid soap for the new residents. I think it comes across as a small thoughtful gesture. 

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@jackthebear wrote:

@Nataliesgramma wrote:

My daughter recently sold her house and is turning in the keys tomorrow...


She did a final walk-thru to make sure that she didn't leave anything...


I saw her take the toliet paper and paper towels.....


I told her she should have left that....and she said that she wouldn't want to use someone elses toliet paper.....


What do you guys think?

what happens when she uses a bathroom at a store or restaurant??? byotp

This is my first thought.  Does the OP's daughter bring her own toilet paper when out in public?  Seriously I hate using public rest rooms and try to avoid them if possible (even before the pandemic!) but if nature calls I have to go!

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I sold my house some years ago in Philadelphia after living there for 32 years, total 57 years in the same Philly neighborhood,  and ended up buying a condominium apartment a few miles outside of city limits.  Almost every place I looked at to find my new home, although very clean,  had some sort of personal use item left behind.  Including toilet paper in the roll holder, paper towels.  I remember a half-used hand cream left by the kitchen sink. The plastic jar was pretty.  People react differently to this kind of thing, but I think sometimes these items are left behind intentionally to give the place that they are trying to sell a touch of home, so that it is not a complete empty shell, to warm it up and make it more inviting so you can picture yourself living there.

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I would definitely leave and have done so, some toilet paper on the role. If they want to throw it away that's fine but if they need it which could happen there it is

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I like the idea of leaving a new wrapped paper towel and toilet is an intentional action and thoughtful.  

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We had the buyers from hell .

But I still left them toilet paper .

I even left them spare packets of light bulbs for the bathroom as they were no use in our next house [and they were expensive to buy ] and I left  matching canvas pics that fitted into x3 alcoves on the stairs, 

Maybe I was stupid 

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How rude and petty to take the toilet paper. I always leave a lovely note welcoming the new owners. I include any quirks the home has and all the codes with a bottle of champagne in the fridge and a couple of plastic glasses. 

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Re: Leave the toliet paper?

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Timely question for me as our house will be going on the market in mid-January.


My plan is to leave the toilet paper rolls that are already on the toilet paper holders so it leaves the new owners with something. 

Our paper towel holder is a free standing holder on the counter and I plan to take it, towels and all, with me.  If I think of it at the time I move, I will take roll off the holder and leave the roll on the counter.

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