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Met her in person when we took Q tour 20 years ago, saw her on the parking lot, I called over to her, she came over to our car, and was just a doll!!

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Enjoyed reading your positive posts about a vendor

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She is probably my favorite host.  Always enjoy the Saturday morning show.  She gives info about the item without a lot of drama and makes it enjoyable.  She seems well liked by all the vendors.

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Since 2010, I think, I have been waking up to watch Lea's Sat. morning show. It just wouldn't be a Saturday morning without Lea! I love her too! She is always happy & focused, she puts the products & the customers first, never much talks about herself, although sometimes I wish she would just a little so I could find out more about her on a personal level, just being my usual nosey self, lol. Lea is my favorite host, I try & view all of her others shows to show my support of Lea to QVC! 

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Leah is an EXCELLENT host, she's well prepared, professional, personable with the vendors, pleasant, focuses on the product....she's one of the few hosts that gives measurements and will talk about the fabric. She doesnt focus on herself, she puts some fun in her shows but is not over the top.... AM Style on Saturday is one of the few shows I watch on the Q.....

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Leah continues to be my very favorite host! Wish AM Style was on every day and not just Saturday! Leah is the best! Heart


Here are some roses in Leah's favorite color for her.


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Totally agree that Leah does her job well.

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I like Leah as a host.  She comes across as a very nice person and doesn't harp on about personal things or make the show about herself. I just find her a bit annoying when she's speaking, as she can't seem to finish one thought before starting another!


Yes, she does sometimes speak in unfinished sentences, but, I don't find it annoying because I really like Leah, so I'm willing to overlook it. Besides, no one is perfect. 

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Leah .... Does her job as a host and does it the very BEST. Unlike tonight.

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I love Leah. She’s a great host, is kind, classy, pretty face and pretty hands.