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Re: Leah Williams

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@FranandZoe Where do I find the Rosalie call?  I don't remember that call.  I love Leah and think she is a very calming person.


I googled Leah Williams Rosalie call.


Caller Rosalie announced that she was from South Jersey and lived on an island — an area with few stores — so she said she purchased her clothes from the home shopping network. She particularly liked the proprietary brand Denim & Co.

At that point you hear a male voice, apparently Rosalie’s husband, in the background.

“Do you see I’m on the f–king phone?” Rosalie shouted at him — and to QVC’s audience.

Williams told viewers, “Oh, it’s a live television show and Rosalie didn’t want to be interrupted on the phone. So we’re going to let her take care of whoever was interrupting.”


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Leah is a true professional.  I always enjoy watching her presentations.

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As soon as I saw Leah Williams I knew I had to add my feelings about Leah. 


I adore watching her.  I like her professionalism.  Her smile is amazing!  She gives all of the information about the item.


I watch her every Saturday morning on her show.  If I want the day to start off peppy I'll watch Leah.  


She's kind to everyone.  Sometimes a few hosts will say snarky things that probably go unnoticed, but not Leah!  She is wonderful!


OK, now I'll go sit down.  Just one more thing....did I say she is wonderful and I wish she was on more often!

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@FranandZoe Where do I find the Rosalie call?  I don't remember that call.  I love Leah and think she is a very calming person.

@luvmybeetle, You can find the call on YouTube, I recommend it. LOL.

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She is one of my faves! Her presentations are just perfect! She gives the information we need. She doesn’t tell us where we can wear things, like the stupid pumpkin patch.         ( I hate that). She doesn’t shout and go on and on about how fabulous the product is. Just total grace. 

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Leah is and always has been fabulous.  Class act. 

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She's hosting the Vionics program right now.

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Leah is very easy, calm. She's there do a job and she does her's well. No crazy chitchat about who knows what or who, nothing personal.

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Leah is very professional, prepared, lets the vendor speak, and has a nice pleasant voice. Leah is one of my favorite hosts at the Q.

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I like Leah as a host.  She comes across as a very nice person and doesn't harp on about personal things or make the show about herself. I just find her a bit annoying when she's speaking, as she can't seem to finish one thought before starting another!