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i found a real nice, big, and clean laundrymat about 15 - 20 min from me depending on traffic... i go there becaise of the huge washers its 2.75 a load and i put in 4 quarters for 30 min in the dryer.. not a bad price at all i think.. i use to go to a place that was 6 quarters but washers were alot smaller and 1/2 the time they were broke.... i'd rather spend the money.. but 5 something is alot!!! i just did 4 loads of wash there last night... i try to go every week or 7 days to keep up with it.. i wouldnt spend 5 for 1 load...

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Our dry cleaners also took a huge jump for washing quilts when the new owners took over.  Everyone must have decided to do their own because they soon went out of business.  It wasn't just the laundry part, all my tops went up to 8.00 from 4.00.  Maybe I was getting a deal and I didn't even realize it.

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Prices haven't changed at my laundromat.   $2 for regular washer and $2.50 for the large washer.

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@Lucky Charm I have often thought of running an empty load like you did but I haven’t done it.  I add some Lysol, the kind from the old brown bottle, in with the comforter.


I stopped buying comforters and now layer blankets and throws so I can do them at home.