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@sherrikay wrote:

@amyb I shop there quite a bit,and my biggest pet peeve is their very slow refunds.matter of fact I just recieved a refund yesterday,after waiting over 2 wks.yes,their very high.i wish I was near a lands end outlet

@sherrikay   If you are using their return label, which is handled by the post office, get a receipt.  You can track where the package is and when it arrives back at LE.


My refunds (very few times I had to send something back) were processed within one day of LE receiving the package.


Keep in mind-it is the delivery system that causes the long wait;


Track your packages and you will see the transportation is the issue.


Good Luck.

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I like Lands End but their catalogue is the most confusing I've ever seen. Their products are rather pricey but usually worth it. If they deducted 16 DOLLARS for shipping and handling in both directions, I don't think I'd ever buy from them again.

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@AnnieBelle  I've ordered from Lands End online and returned to Kohls. No problem.