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Has anyone purchased Landies pretzels. I have in the past, and they were very good. This time around, not so great, and they were for Christmas presents.It was the 21piece Holly Jolly collection. Hardly any fillers, the chocolate , chalky looking. They were edible, so I won't ask for a refund, but , I'll think twice before purchasing them again Smiley Sad

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I purchased them one time. I really didn't care for them and neither did the people that I gave them too. The pretzels were hard and every time you took a bite, everything would fall off them, if that makes sense.  I actually ended up throwing several away. 

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I purchaed them last year around St. Patrick's Day. On TV, they looked so big and covered with lots of chocolate and sprinkles. When I received them, they were thinner and with barely any sprinkles. Looked like I could have done them myself. Very disappointed, but edible, so I didn't return. Won't order again.

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I thought food items didn't need to be returned if you are unhappy with the product. If you thought that they weren't any good, I'd call for a refund.

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I used to buy the Landies Candies Splitz pretzels that were presented during Christmas in July.  Every year they would be shipped and packaged very poorly with the box of pretzels only in a plastic shipping protection what so ever. Therefore they always arrived broken. The variety was NEVER what they presented and never what it was supposed to be.  To make matters worse, they were sickenly sweet and the pretzels always tasted stale.


This year I didn't buy them but instead bought the Mrs. Prindable's 18 count assorted Caramel & Chocolate Pretzles with Christmas gift boxes.  They arrived on time, packed with great care (bubble wrap) and were in perfect condition. They were delicious and were a big hit.  Will definately buy the Mrs. Prindable's pretzels again next year.

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My favorite are the filled splitz, full of  yummy flavors, and just big enough for a good bite. I do not purchase the ones that are just "dipped."


My order this year is now in Backorder.  


Who knows when or if I will receive, but at least they should be very fresh!

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FYI- Landies Pretzels are also sold at Wegmans.

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I ordered the 12 piece milk chocolate peanut butter, 12 piece white chocolate peanut butter, and the 21 piece Christmas, and all were yummy.


I tried one of each warming them in the microwave a bit.  We keep the house cool and don't like how chocolate breaks in cool temps.  


I see no difference from last year.  Still give them 10 stars.  I'll buy again as gifts next year.

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I ordered two packages of the pretzels this year ... one was chocolate covered carmel filled with coconut sprinkles on top ... these were delicious ... the other was chocolate covered with hazelnut filling .. these arrived all broken & didn’t taste good .... I called for a refund 

on the hazelnut pretzels ...... overall the carmel pretzels were pretty good & the chocolate was delicious 😋 

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I ordered the double dipped Christmas assortment and they were excellent and so said everyone who had one.  I will order again.  I think there are only 2 left, the dark chocolate, the rest gone.