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Every spring and Fall I get loads of these brown color ladybugs in my house. I think they are called Asian ladybugs. I found one in my bed and had to change my sheets at 3:00 in the morning. If you vacuum them up they give out a bad odor and you have to empty the vacuum right away. They can stain your walls and ceilings. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to rid of these bugs.



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No permanent solution, that I know of. Just keep vacuuming.

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We had these for awhile in 1 of our townhomes and also when we first moved into our present home. They seem to like the sun and sunlight so we unfortunately tried to keep as much sun out of these homes as possible.

The would gather by what seemed the millions on our garage door, which was on the west side of 1 of our townhomes and also the west side of our present home as long as the sun was shinning on them.

I read somewhere to mix vinegar and water and use it to spray them. That is what I did when there tons of them on our garage doors. This mixture definitely killed them so I did this many times throughout the day and for many days. I don't know it this finally finished them off or it was time for them to move to "better pastures", but after doing this for a couple weeks I haven't seen them for over 10 years now.

The ones inside, depending on where they were, I also sprayed them and it did kill them. When they were on things I did not want to get wet with this mixture, like you, I used my vacuum to get them off wherever. I never noticed any particular smell from them but I too did empty my vacuum, but more because of all our feline hair than anything to do with the bugs.

For me it was staying persistent with the spraying and doing it when there were what seemed like millions of them on our garage doors.

Worth a try for you.

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I haven't encountered them, but I have heard they do have an odor, I think if you squash them, sort of like a stink bug. I heard one lady at lowes say she had to use duct tape around her windows to create a seal to keep them out.
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Yes, they stink! They're called the kudzu bug, if it's the same pest my aunt deals with on the east coast. They will bite, too. They are mostly a huge nuisance in her garden and she uses the same method as Hckynut - vinegar and water in a spray bottle.