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All of the homes that had water inside will have to be torn down and everything will have to be trashed.




Not everyone has flood insurance, and homeowners insurance doesn't cover flood damage.


Not everyone will qualify for government assistance, and even if they do, it won't cover everything.


Plus, they won't get checks right away.


A lot of people will go in to debt and/or have to go in to their savings in order to rebuild.


That is truly sad.



Flooded houses for the most part DO NOT HAVE TO BE TORN DOWN.   They tear out the flooring and sheet rock that is wet, dry everything out, then replace it.  

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I live here and have been flooded in for 5 days. Today the water finally drained off in my area. I heard on the news today that they were evacuating people from one area and fake police were going around knocking on doors telling people to evacuate so they could then loot their homes after they left. 

I try not focus on those stories but the regular people who are out there saving strangers. It shows the best in people. Of course there will always be bad people and I hope all those people get caught and punished harshly. 

I hope when the water recedes, @prettychis, we don't see them on the news pushing carts of stolen goods down the water way. No wonder people won't evacuate and could lose their lives.


@febe1 I bet the local media here won't focus on those things. People need to be uplifted they do not need to be shown only the ugliness in society. I've already heard some of the national media are not getting good favor because they are bringing negativity. 


I'm sorry for you, @prettychis. I hope all of your needs will be met. My prayers are with all of you.

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Geez, what's up with people attacking the OP or the act of bringing up this problem?


It has been downplayed by the media up to this point, and there has been much more 'people helping people' going on and reported than any other disaster we've seen in the media in the past, but the fact remains that this is bound to happen, and as others have noted, will increase as the water recedes.


It is not 'the least of their worries' as if it isn't curbed early, it could easily become another Katrina aftermath, or worse. If it isn't reported, and if it isn't stopped, it will spread like wildfire, and make an already unfathomable situation even worse.


 @mominohio  Thank-You.  I did not start this Thread to just bring up more bad news... it is just part of the whole circumstance of disasters.  As the waters recede more and more of this type of scum will come out of the woodwork to steal and plunder what they can.


 I noticed on much of the news footage, people  flooded out of their homes mentioned putting all their valuables up high in their homes... the kind of info you do not want to say on national TV. ..... but it was broadcast to all out there waiting to take advantage of the situation.  


Another issue that will come up months down the road will be used cars on the market sold  that were flood buried cars bought up cheap at car  auctions and sold to car dealers and sold  to unexpecting innocent car buyers..... That always happens with these flood disasters... I would not buy a used car for well into the next several years from a used car dealer.




I've heard several Texans on TV say they're "packing."

@febe1, I have no doubt. But so much could go wrong in that scenario that I'd rather not contemplate it.

I know what you mean, but I just don't think it will be tolerated. This is no time for it....

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My thoughts and prayers are with you.  Stay safe! 

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