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@Lindsays Grandma wrote:





Come on people, these are jokes, not meant to be taken seriously.  And just in case you think I made them up, no I did not, but another person with a good sense of humor did. 

Oh dear @Lindsays Grandma, I meant to come back and tell you that what I said was not meant to be a slight against you at all! I knew you didn’t make these up. I didn’t make it back; we were over watching our 2 little grandsons, 3 and 5. They were trying on Halloween costumes and then started getting creative. First it was complete Batman costumes. Then came a fireman and a mummy mask. Next came their cute, colorful underwear on their heads, arms and feet and socks on their hands. We got quite the show tonight. 


Do take care. You have a good heart. 

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@Teddie ...  I appreciate your explanation regarding my thread about "Lies Parents Told Their Kids."  I don't understand why some posters find it necessary to make negative remarks when no one asked for an opinion.  To me, it is rude and shows a lack of social graces and or good manners.  Rather than insult the poster who started the thread, it is best to just move on, which is what an adult would do instead of acting like some snickering 12 year olds.


Oh my, those costumes sound delightful and the innocence surrounding them brought back those "good old days."  It sounds like everyone had a good time.  All is well, and again , thank you for your kindness.

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