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I have been really frustrated over what I consider to be a dangerous product on QVC. The wonderful bakery Delizioso has, for over a year, ignored direct calls and emails from several of us here regarding the fact that on their Limoncello cake and Tiramisu cake in the small sizes, there have repeatedly been plastic shards imbedded in the tops of these cakes. In looking at reviews, I have found over the course of the last year, that others have been horrified to find these tiny pieces of plastic as well. Long story short, a QVC rep  bumped my concern up to their Health and Safety department. Within 48 hours, I got a call from a lovely person there who was very concerned about this situation. She saw that others had a similiar experience and she took a full report. She said she would have Delizioso call me directly to discuss the matter, and that she was issuing a full report to them. So far have not heard from Delizioso, but I do want to stress that their products are just fabulous and other than those two cakes, there have been no issues. Just wanted to give praise to QVC for their quick work.

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Re: Kudos to QVC for Follow Up!

@furbabylover    Nice of you to take the time to commend QVC.  We haven't heard much of that lately.

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Re: Kudos to QVC for Follow Up!

@furbabylover Ditto what kachina said! Nice to hear something positive about the Q.

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Re: Kudos to QVC for Follow Up!

@furbabylover  I hope you don't mind me tagging in on your thread, but I too had a wonderful experience this week with QVC!  I was having trouble with some returns, couldn't get through on the phone line and live chat kept dropping me.  Someone here suggested I e-mail the Social Team.  I did so, and my issue was resolved the same day. Kudos to Wayne, a member of the Social Team, who helped me out!