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We had a skylight destroyed by hail, so I ordered a replacement from Costco's online shopping.  The tracking said it had been delivered via UPS.  I called UPS and started getting the run around about porch pirates when I told the CS rep we have video surveillance and no one came to our door over that time period.  So she did say she would start an investigation.  I then called COSTCO.  In under 5 minutes they had a new one ordered with expedited shipping.  No questions, no problems.  She said if the 1st one arrives they will pay to ship it back to them.  Love their CS.

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Love Costco!

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Love Costco! Good for you!

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Re: Kudos to COSTCO

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That's nice to hear but you will probably have to sign for any future UPS packages, they may tag your address as a theft issue.


would be interesting if that happens, please let us know

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Costco is the best...not only great customer service but we have been going there for so many years, the old time employees (very little turnover) are on a first name basis.  Glad you had a positive experience.

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Just one of the reasons my local Costco is always so busy, especially the checkout lanes.

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   Costco is the best when it comes to customer service. They take back everything.No questions asked.No receipt, no problem.They look it up using your card #.

   Last year for example I went there to replace a folding chair I had bought over a year prior.I happened to mention to the young man who helped me lift it onto my cart that the other one broke.He told me to bring it back & they’d swap it out for the new one!! 

   They also pay very well & provide excellent benefits to their part time employees!! What a great company!!


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That's good to know. I will be looking for a new TV soon, and was considering looking at Costco. This news makes me want to go there now, for sure.  Thanks for posting.