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JeanLouise: Your faucet is almost identical to the one I have now, high-arc, bronze, Hansgrohe - which I purchased for $150. 3 years ago from Costco. I've been having problems with it for quite some time -- the bottom part where the on/off knob is -- broke. I've never paid $625 for a faucet - but I'm sure this will last me a long time.

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kitchen faucets get heavy use and are not something to go cheap on.  the other posters are correct.  Even the most expensive faucet off the shelf at Lowe's or Home Depot is pretty much garbage.. plastic innards.  it won't last.  I have a high End Moen that cost me about $500.00 7 years ago. There is a cartridge in it which has worn out twice.  I simply call Moen and they send me a new cartridge no charge.  

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Hansgrohe will also send new parts if needed  I haven't needed any since I went with this brand about 3 years ago, but I do think it's time I did what we have to do with other faucets in our house---remove the  filter at the end of the faucet and clean out the hard crystallized mineral deposits caused by hard water. 


It's amazing what you find in there by cleaning out the filter.  In our four bathrooms, it's easy to screw off the metal end cap and rinse out the filter.......I need to consult a manual to figure out the best way to remove the filter on our kitchen faucet, because I've been noticing the water flow has slowed down.


Sometimes this is how simple it can be to fix a "ruined faucet".

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Next time the plumber is coming out, I want one of those Delta touch faucets. You just touch it for on off!  WONDERFUL for chickeny hands!  I don't have a cat.  The cat I had would have sat on the counter and turned it on and off all day while we were at work.  I have NO doubt about that cat!  He would have figured that out in a hot second.  And I never even saw him get on the counter--but you KNOW how smart cats are!  They just KNOW!


And yes, go to the plumbing supply stores!