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I have a Platinum Keurig that I purchased from the Q about 4 years ago, and it's been just fine up until a few days ago. It brews about 1/3 cup of coffee, but what is also happening is that hot water is coming out of the little spout into the water reservoir. Any suggestions? It is also making new noises, and the water doesn't seem to be going into the area that comes out for the coffee. I hate to throw it out, but will. Maybe I should by a new one at Costco!

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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Pull out the small K-cup holder, rinse with very hot water. Clean around the K-cup holder, a lot of stuff is always around it. Pull out the water holder, rinse with warm water, then turn upside down. Sometimes the little thing inside the water holder sticks (its like a bobbin) it should float freely. Also, the pin the opens the individual K-cup, take a paper clip and spread it apart, sometimes little things get stuck it there. Clean unit with white vinegar. I hope this helps. I did this to mine and it help. I got the info from Keurig customer service department.

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"Short-cupping" has been a problem with the Platinum machines since day one. I went through the whole cleaning ritual with no success, and Keurig ended up sending an entire new machine. They made me send back the K-cup holder which presumably disabled the old machine (they won't sell you that piece for obvious reasons), but when the new machine started doing the same thing I bought a new K-cup holder on E-bay for about $19, and the "old" machine is still chugging along after 4 or 5 years, while the "new" machine has long since gone to coffee machine heaven.

Another issue for some folks is that the Keurig may heat up to 190 degrees internally, but the coffee doesn't come out nearly that hot. The whole situation sounds like issues with the water pump.

PS I have since bought a Bunn (admittedly not a 1-cup brewer) which makes 10 cups of very hot coffee in all of 4 minutes. Best coffee machine I've ever owned.

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Funny you should post this. Tonight I went to make a cup of coffee with my Keurig K-40 that I purchased just before this past Christmas from the Q. Well it was making such a horrible noise and then it just spurted out a few spoons of coffee. I tried again and nothing. I used it for the first time at Christmas and since then only about 5 times. Unfortunately I threw out the box but I will be calling CS tomorrow about this problem.
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Thanks for your replies, everyone. I really appreciate your input/experience. My problem started suddenly...had no trouble till a couple weeks ago. I agree that something seems to be going on with the water pump. What started happening is that hot water is flowing out a small faucet-type plastic tube at the back on the water reservoir. It's located on the top. Why is hot water flowing into the reservoir? It should be flowing into my cup. I'm definitely going to call the company on Monday. I've only "gently" used this machine occasionally over the past 4 years so it has definitely not been abused. I know I won't be getting a new machine but still want to talk to them.

As I said, maybe I should buy another from Costco. If there are any problems, Costco will take it back and replace it, free of charge.

Bigbro: I did all you recommended but no improvement.

I'll post the results of my call to Keurig. It really seems to be a hit or miss with these machines. Some people have no trouble at all while others never seem to get a machine that operates properly.

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I had somewhat the same problem. I called Keurig and they talked me through it. When it looked like they could not help me... they sent me a new one. However after the new one arrived, guess what... the old one worked. I called and they told me to keep it. I gave the other one to my daughter. Both are still going strong. They have great customer service.

I am not going to buy the new 2.0 if this one goes bad. And it looks like the way they are being discounted others are not buying it either. K cups are expensive enough. I buy mine in large boxes at a discount and since they do not have the codes on them they will not work with the 2.0 unless I spend time cutting and pasting.

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IAM, Costco no longer has Platinums, only the 2.0s.

I got my K-75 Platinum from Costco over the summer, despite the bad reviews. I returned it in September.

Even though the problem that I had was a known one with the Keurigs sold by Costco, I didn't want another K-75. I got a K-65 Platinum from Target and it was on clearance because they had to make room for the 2.0s. I keep the K-65 at work and I am tickled pink with it!

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