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Re: Kerstin

Like we really care where she is. 


Hmmm, I do not care where the people I do know are most of the time,

much less someone I do not even know at all.


Glad people are not keeping tabs on me.

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Re: Kerstin

@becca lou wrote:

What does those letters mean?. It seems like a whole lot of hosts are missing lately. And a bunch of new ones.

@becca lou, if you're referring to the post right above yours, it's rofl (rolling on the floor laughing)

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Re: Kerstin

@iTalia.. I agree and she also complains on her instagram about how tough her life is.... lol. Her and her kids are always away somewhere - even when they should be in school.
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Re: Kerstin

I am with you.   Kerstin is a real show off.   If she wants to be a model, get off of hosting.


She believes she is all that and a bag of chips, only she is not.   Do not watch her.


she falls into the category of annoying like Shawnee Sue.   That one is a mess.



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Re: Kerstin

@countrylady wrote:

She's probably on an exercise bike somewhere!

Doing a yoga pose while balanced on a surf board.

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Re: Kerstin

I didn't realize she wasn't on but I know she was off Saturday for a wedding, based on her Instagram.  So if she's still not been on, I'm guessing she's on vacation. 

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Re: Kerstin

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Another graduate of the Jenn Coffey Institute of Bizarro Posing.Smiley LOL