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@Witchy Woman  P.s, Tried to get my granddaughter to walk down the aisle to NiceDay..... but definite No but she did have the DJ play it at reception dedicated to 'My Nana'!

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I admire you for getting up in front of people and singing.  I hate getting up in front of people (whether or not I know them) and could never do Karaoke.

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One of my favorite scenes in a movie is Cameron Diaz singing Karaoke in "Best Friend's Wedding."  She is so bad but everyone had a lot of fun except Julia Roberts who wanted her to flop but it still turned out ok for Cameron.  Wish I could do that, probably wouldn't have the nerve.  I have always loved to sing and at one time, I sounded better but not any more.

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Lucky you getting to see Billy!


I checked his 2021 tour dates and the only one close to me is Asbury Park, NJ (I'm in Maryland).


I'll have to keep an eye out for him coming to this area.


I'm sure he does a great concert!

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@Witchy Woman wrote:



Love Billy Idol!


Would pay to see you do "Nice Day for a White Wedding," which is a favorite of mine!


The video on YouTube is perfect.


Billy Idol 80s Songs and Albums -

I love Billy too and one that gets me up and on my feet is Dancing with Myself. Oh with me! If I had the chance......Turn it UP!