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One of my Labs is 13 years old. She is totally deaf and has arthritis. She see's the vet regularly and I am told she still has a good quality of life. Well, last night I noticed she wasn't getting up. I put my my arms under her belly and helped her to her feet. She walked over to get a drink of water and them went outside to pee. Well, this morning the same thing. I talked to my vet and she said what I already knew, this day would come and I have to decide when it is her time.{#emotions_dlg.crying} That's just it, I don't think it is her time! She alway's look's happy and has either her tennis ball or a stick in her mouth, and her tail is wagging. She is on arthritis medication already. I am hoping this will pass and she will get up on her own. Anyone else ever been through this? TIA{#emotions_dlg.confused1}