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Re: Just told daughter I'm not coming for holidays

We're in the exact same boat agewise as well as the fear of contracting Covid.  Of course we are sad but the cases are spiking like crazy. Do not feel bad. There is always next year. Zoom calls and Facetime to the rescue.  Happy Holidays. Us old, lol, folks are resilient.

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Re: Just told daughter I'm not coming for holidays

Stay home this there next how many years!!!


People are such babies about social rules designed to help ALL of us.




Not a "law", but a socially accepted norm that prevents people from sitting down next to YOUR table at the restaurant, hairy back and chest exposed, odorous  hairy armpits, and man boobs dangling in the appetizer....


....and then they want to get comfy and put thier filthy, ragged yellow dirty toenailed smelly feet up on the chair near your table.


It's thier "right", right?


It's "freedom and liberty"....right?'s just plain disgusting and selfish.


Wear a mask.


Sheeesh....My grandparents went without gasoline, rubber, paper, sugar, salt, and a lot of other things during WW2....AND they lived on the East Coast which meant blackouts occasionally....where you HAD to turn off all lights so patrolling enemy subs couldn't see the shoreline for attack.


If that happened today, we'd be speaking _____________ ( the language of disciplined attackers who took advantage of our selfishness.)


"I can't turn off my's my "RIght".... they'd whine.




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Re: Just told daughter I'm not coming for holidays


Strive for respect instead of attention. It lasts longer.
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Re: Just told daughter I'm not coming for holidays

@caroln242I am wondering if your daughter was just checking so she can make other plans if you not coming is sure thing.


You are making the right decision.


The first thing that I thought in your first post was that she was on her way to VACATION in FL! Florida has been on Covid fire since the beginning, and now the whole country is on Covid fire!


Just the fact that she went on vacation to a hot spot, where masks are not even required, is an indication that you would not be safe to visit her right now. There are so many people making questionable decisions right now when a quarter of a million people have died in less than 9 months from a virus that didn't even have a name back in January.


We clearly have to unite as a country, as a united people, state mandates or not, and do what we need to do on our own, for ourselves and loved ones, until we get this under control. I think of all our military that sacrificed holidays over the past 20 years as they cycled in and out of 2 wars. They did it without complaint. As a united people, we can do it too. Heart