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Re: Just paid $1.52 a gal. for gas in N.E. Mo....

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Unfortunately, they keep saying on the news that the reason the stock market is so low is due to the oil prices being so low - that those who have the money to really control wall st are antsy over not making money on their oil stock so they are driving other prices down. Of course it is good for the average working joe but not when he is watching his 401k tanking. We have only a small portion of our savings in stocks - we are heavily into municipal bonds as our finance guy thinks that is a much safer place for retirees money. Not a huge return but very low risk.

That just proves the point that the system is rigged to hurt the little guy and reward the big players!

Remember back in January 2009 when people were saying that by now we would have $9 a gallon gasoline? It didn't happen - yet they same people are complaining about their bad oil stock investments now!!!


As long as they are making their BILLIONS they  have no qualms about the poor workers who can't afford gas to get to their job. I believe the low oil prices were because OPEC decided to undercut us and take losses to sell oil cheaper than the USA is able to sell it, which will stop the production here in the USA & Canada. So it is temporary, enjoy it while you can. Those saudis are gonna want to start making money again soon. Also, oil prices are always very volitile during election times, just another way the uber wealthy manipulate people.


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Re: Just paid $1.52 a gal. for gas in N.E. Mo....

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It was $1.28 on the way to work (in Oklahoma) this morning and while we as consumers who drive may be lovin' it, the oil and gas producers sure aren't - there have been massive layoffs in my state due to the drop in oil prices. 



My nephew was laid off but he hated working in the oil fields anyway so he's taking advantage of it as an opportunity to go to school paid by unemployment. 

I remember when I was on unemployment years ago and had been working and going to school. They made me choose, I couldn't continue my college classes and collect unemployment beause I had to be available to work any shift. And this was in CA. 

I believe that is actually still the law. I know in NY State, if you want to create your own business, you cannot get unemployment, even if you are just planning for a new business and haven't made any money yet.

The guy who is going back to school is probably just telling unemployment he is willing to work but can't find a job!

That won't work if unemployment makes him submit documents of where and when he's applied for work, who he interviewed with, etc.   


In Ohio, you can enroll in approved courses and you may be considered as being available for work.