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Human kindness is overflowing


And I think it's going to rain today.

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We live about 8 miles from the Mexican border  here in AZ and I can assure you it is not secure by any means - monies need to be spent to secure our borders as this is the way people we do not want come in - terrorists never choose the correct way to enter after all.

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 Those in elected power ALREADY know the vetting process for refugees and SHAME on them for promoting this hysteria and fear mongering.


 Shame on them.   And shame on "news" stations and publications for promoting all of this woefully misinformed information to the base


there is a vetting process.  It is very rigerous.   It isn't my fault that one party makes you distrust the government so much because they want to get into power and will feed on the ugly, nasty part of American rhetoric


Why did a satirist (and a brit to boot) have to spell it out for everyone?


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Thread has been closed, became too controversial and political.