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Just got engaged, well kind of....

I have been dating my boyfriend (and live with him) for well over 10 years. We own a home together and I have a 21 yr old daughter from a previous relationship that he loves very much and she loves him. I have decided long ago that I never wanted to get married again but he did. I always let him know that would never be something I wanted though and was upfront and honest.

One thing that bothered him though was that he wanted to get a ring for me to show his love and commitment. I told him I knew he was commited and it wasn't necessary.

Today he gave me his great grandmothers ring. Well, the diamond because the band was in bad shape. He had the band made and extra diamonds put onto it. This ring is so beyond gorgeous. The original diamond is an asscher cut and cut by THE asscher brothers Joop and Edward. The solitare is 3.75 carats (that is the original given to his great grandmother by g grandfather) and has 1ct total surrounding it. It is set in 18kt white gold. His great grandparents are from the Netherlands and that is where his grandmother received it. I am just beyond stunned. What makes it so special is that his great grandmother once wore it. I also think it is so special that it was cut by the Asscher Bros. themselves, I mean, how many people can say that.

We are not going to be married but he wanted to give this to me as a sign of love and commitment. I am just over the moon right now that he would think I was special enough to wear his great grandmothers ring.

He asked me at noon today when we were at lunch with our entire families. His side and my side.

My IPhones camera hasn't been working for a while but I am looking for my digital camera so I can post a picture.

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