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Here's what I'm counting down:


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And we will not have to listen to any more Medicare commercials!!!!!!


On a more serious note, just nine more days to get reduced shipping cost at See's Candies.Heart

@suzyQ3   What's this about reduced shipping on See's candy?  Every year I get this candy from kiosks at the malls around Atlanta. I was just wondering if the malls would have these kiosks this year. Hands down this is the best chocolate candy that I have found but the shipping costs are too steep for me. 

@50Mickey, I would usually buy See's in person. We have many of their stores here. But my husband and I are going out except for walking or something urgent.


The deadline I mention ends their reduced pricing. So for my $47 purchase it was $4.94 instead of $10.95. There are three level. of cost depending upon your total. If you buy more than $70 or 75 (can't remember), shipping is free.

Thank you!  I so much appreciated this recommend because I was stewing about what to send to two adults who are living with parents.  This was the perfect answer for them and to share if they wish.  The family had also "adopted" a needy family for Christmas giving and this gives them an option of adding some of the Sees kit to that endeavor.  Win-win.