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Re: Just came back from the supermarket

I went to grocery store yesterday and the entire meat dept was closed down and lights turned off. Weird.
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Re: Just came back from the supermarket

DH went shopping today at about 1:20, sent him with disposable gloves and instructions.  


I asked for bacon, he can home with peppered, all that was there, but it is good


NO garlic, can't imagine why unless people are thinking that it will help stave off the virus


I asked for three pounds of ground beef, 80/20, came home with several small 90/10, last week that was all that was there, and some 80/20 so will mix for a meatloaf.


No jumbo eggs, but at least eggs.


NO boxes of lettuces, mixed Spring greens, and the like.


NO bags of new potatoes


A checker told him, as he was checking out, that new stock was beginning to arrive, so maybe next time, he will go in the evening.  We are good for a few weeks as our Costco stash is still hollding up.


DD's place of work is closed down now, rough, and though I have been telling her for years to cook, and stop going out to eat so often, she and boyfriend were grocery shopping when I called, so it took a virus to keep them home and cooking.

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Re: Just came back from the supermarket

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@luvmyteddy4   I hope someone will pick up items for you soon.  


Is there a senior center  or a church or civic group or an area Veterans group with a website that you could contact online?  They might have a list of reliable volunteers (grandkids home from shutdown colleges) that could pick up your order and deliver it to you during the daylight?  Have you got a younger, i.e., non senior citizen neighbor you could ask to pick up an order for you?  You could also contact your local government representative--depending on where you live--can be known as an alderman, selectman, or contact your local town hall or mayor's office and ask them.  They might hook you up with someone.  


I hate to think of you being teary.  These times are very challenging and can be downright scary.  I'm sure many of us have done some crying.  


I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  Please post an update if you find a solution, which I hope you will soon.


Blessings and calm being sent along with many hugs,


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Re: Just came back from the supermarket

I feel so blessed. My nephew's girlfriend brought us so many groceries today. She stopped at 3 stores. We aren't hoarding but have enough for a few weeks. I just feel so bad for others who don't have this.  If I wasn't over 60 and health challenged I'd volunteer for people and their pets. This is a catastrophe for sure.  Not very religious but praying we all make it through. Blessings to everyone of you.

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Re: Just came back from the supermarket

@bunnygirlbrem wrote:

@Jersey Born 


Yep, I realize this; I was responding regarding that the national quarantine is not true.

You are so right .  The National Security Council, on 3/15/20, stayed that was a false rumor. Grocery stores will remain open. 

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Re: Just came back from the supermarket

@luvmyteddy4 wrote:

I am still trying to find someone to go to the store for me. On Next Door many have posted that they would but not really. Where are all these people that said they would help, not here! A couple of them wanted to drop off at night and I won't open my door at night because of raccoons, possums and now coyotes and I can't leave it out there. It's a thing with me now I don't want to open the door at night...

I was almost to the point that I would go to the store this morning but I have emphysema and lyme disease and I have been so careful thus far but I'm starting to get upset.  I get deliveries on everything I can but even cat food and litter are on backorder. supposedly someone picked up some extra tp for me, I paid her but I haven't seen it yet.

I was feeling teary yesterday which I don't normally do and I'm used to staying home. People are breaking into cars overnight which happened anyway but now more so. I'm in a good neighborhood too!

All the grocery stores that deliver or you can do pickup are either not taking any more orders or the soonest I could do pickup would be next Friday.

This is starting to get to me. I hear the stores are pretty well stocked except for tp and the usual. The old saying - when you want something done do it yourself!

Walmart online just let me order tp for the first time, only a couple of choices but lets see if it comes. 



@luvmyteddy4   I wish you had my neighbor.  She offered to get perishables and anything else we needed when she put her orders in, they are late forties, early fifties, but I didn't need anything then, so thanked her.

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Re: Just came back from the supermarket

I had been so lucky with groceries with this thing. 


I went on Wed. March 11th, and the store was completely and fully stocked, not very busy, and you would never know anything was up. I was there for mostly a fresh produce run.


I went to another store on Monday of this week, the 16th, after a weekend of madness and stores being emptied out repeatedly, and that store in a smaller town we don't usually go to was fully stocked. Again it was a fresh produce run, and decided with how bad the weekend had been, I'd get dairy for three different households as well. 


I really don't need anything right now, and I'm leaning toward not going to the store for at least a week, as it will take about that much longer to be out of fresh produce. I can see where the spread goes between now and then, and honestly we don't need to go to the store for months, if we really can't or don't want to. I just miss fresh produce and dairy when it is all gone.


One thing I learned is that some things, like Clorox and Lysol wipes, that I had what would normally have been a year's worth, are not lasting with all this sanitizing several times a day. I don't think you can find them anywhere here, especially not without going out real early and hitting multiple stores. When this is all over, I will rethink a larger supply than I had on hand this time. I had two of the great big warehouse size tubs of Clorox wipes, and probably 20 of the smaller Lysol tubs that only have 35 wipes each (bought them up every time they went on sale for 89 cents each). Burning through them faster than expected, and that is with no one actually sick. 

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Re: Just came back from the supermarket

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Did an online order from WM Neighborhood market Wed. night and was scheduled to pick it up today - We've been using it for months & months, and surprised to find it not delayed longer.


Anyhow, online showed many things "out of stock".  No fresh chicken other than livers and gizzards.


Out of 33 requests, 7 were totally acceptable substitutes and 7 were "out of stock" after order was placed.  Still better than DH's trip to Publix early Wed.

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Re: Just came back from the supermarket

@luvmyteddy4 .

So sorry to hear of your dilemma. Can totally understand being teary.  

Our local police has offered to help those elderly in need.  Please give yours a buzz and see if they have solution or can help.  

Guess those night car thieves are everywhere!  Just awful.  Please be safe and know many care.