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Just a Thank You to All the "Crafters/Sewing" Masks

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We have a group of ladies who have been "sewing bees" for the past 2 weeks or so. I'm sad now I donated my sewing machine since I hadn't used it in years.  


Tomorrow I will start sewing with them.  


They have asked for fabric donations and they have received a lot.  Now that all the stores which carry fabric are closed they rely on online buying then hopefully getting it.


What these wonderful ladies have done is quite amazing:


-  Donated to local hospital staff

-  Donated to the local nursing home

-  Donated to the Firefighters/Paramedics/Sheriff

-  Donated to senior complex and other senior groups


Now, they have decided to give everyone in our community a mask starting with the older people or those who have health issues.  they offer to anyone FREE.


This got me thinking the generosity of their time & money to buy notions, elastic.  The ones they are doing now are tie style and have the flap to add coffee filter or other insert.


A very BIG thank you to everyone around the country who are doing this & your time !!!.


Many appreciate it!  Just told my DIL whose mom passed away. last week and was a quilter to find someone who wants material and donate to them.  Ask them to make some for you. They are mandated in NJ to wear a mask!


Not mandatory only if want too.  All monies collected is going to be given to our bar and dining room staff.



Thankyou again😷